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It’s lonely at the top.

Although this is a line from Shakespeare, many CEO’s and company owners echo the sentiment. Whether you’re a new leader at a startup or a seasoned executive, you may face business challenges that you have not previously had to deal with. And, as the leader, you may be surrounded by people who expect you to have all of the answers. Who can you turn to that has dealt with these challenges – problems or opportunities before? Who can you trust for their expertise and discretion? 

Enter the Shadow CEO®.

If you’re looking for answers on how to deal with specific issues, or establish a company, or set a strategy, or grow revenue, or build an enterprise, or raise capital, or distribute equity, or make an acquisition, or much more – then you’ve come to the right place. If you have problems where you need sound experienced counsel, and the benefit of an extensive network, that’s covered, too.

Since 1983 CaganCo has worked with the CEOs of multi billion dollar global Fortune 10 enterprises, back-of-the-napkin startups, and everything in between.

CaganCo can work with you side-by-side (hence, the shadow) or just talk through the problems.  This is not simply ‘arms-length’ advice, but rather ‘in-the-trenches’ with you, active counsel, support and even execution. With the Shadow CEO, you’re not alone anymore.


SHADOW CEO® (1983-Present)

Since 1983 Dennis has consulted in Shadow CEO roles, sat on boards of directors, and taken on periodic interim CEO positions. Dennis continues to provide clients with management consulting and mentoring through Caganco Incorporated, in the form of his four signature roles: Shadow CEO®, Board Practice (formation and management of corporate boards of directors), Governance Forensics practice, and interim CEO situations. Since 1983 Caganco has helped at least 100 CEOs. Clients have ranged from $2B enterprises down to ‘back-of-the-napkin’ start-ups.

Outstanding Directors Award (2013)

Dennis Cagan was honored by the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) and the Dallas Business Journal as one of the inaugural class of 12 Outstanding Directors in North Texas.


IT Hall of Fame (2011)

Dennis Cagan was inducted into the IT Hall of Fame – Channel Section (administered by CompTIA). He was honored for being the Treasurer, and on the founding team of the CompTIA A+ Certification Program, one of the most successful trade licensing programs in the computer industry. To date, A+ has certified millions of personal computer technicians globally. The program is said to generate over $50M in annual royalties to CompTIA.

Meet Dennis Cagan

Dennis Cagan is a seasoned executive consultant, entrepreneur, board director, technology CEO, and venture investor with an extensive background in creating and growing early to mid-stage technology-based companies. He has served on sixty-seven for-profit corporate boards, including ten publicly traded companies.

Cagan would welcome the opportunity to discuss how a progressive midsize to large company, with interest in growth, technology, emerging digital business models and world-class governance, could benefit from his wealth of experience in governance, and high technology, including Internet, social media, SaaS, e-commerce, cybersecurity, and more.

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Featured Publications

The Board of Directors of a Private Enterprise

The Board of Directors of a Private Enterprise (2017) is considered by many to be the most authoritative perspective available on private company boards and governance issues. In addition to his book, Dennis Cagan has written dozens of articles in numerous publications. A small sample of which is noted below.

How to Have a Great Board Meeting


The tone, content, and conduct of this meeting are critical to the level of governance and the ultimate value of having a Board. Yet outside of the board’s inner circle, few people know what typically goes on in one, much less how to organize and effectively conduct a board meeting.

How to have a great board meeting.

One Size Does Not Fit All


Private companies – this is such a broad category! When looking at their origin, their growth process, and their hoped-for ‘end-game’, there are actually many varieties – just like flowers. There are many different looks, different sizes, different shapes, and certainly different smells.

Private company profiles: One size does not fit all.