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Dennis is a native Californian, and attended the University of California at Los Angeles where he majored in Economics. He left UCLA in his third year, impatient to begin a career.

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NEW ARTICLE: Private company profiles: One size does not fit all.

Private companies – this is such a broad category! When looking at their origin, their growth process, and their hoped-for ‘end-game’, there are actually many varieties just like flowers. There are many different looks, different sizes, different shapes, and certainly different smells……

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Dennis Cagan has been in the high technology industry as an active and successful executive, entrepreneur, and advisor since 1967. He has founded or co-founded over two dozen different companies, starting with his first software company in 1968. Dennis has been a professional board member (almost 50 boards), C-level executive, mentor, consultant and investor since 1976. Originally from California, he is now based in Dallas, Texas. Dennis’ activities center on helping private companies form and manage fiduciary boards of directors and advisory boards, Shadow CEO™ roles, C-level corporate management, and mentoring early-stage technology start-ups and turnarounds.

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Dennis Cagan is frequently retained by private companies to conceive of, and form, both fiduciary boards of directors and advisory boards. He works with company owners and managers to understand the purpose and benefits of boards……

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Public Recognition

Dennis has achieved some degree of public notoriety over the years. He has been widely quoted in the trade press and general business press, including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune and Forbes magazines. He has written many articles for publications including CRN-Computer Reseller News, Electronic News, California Business, Electronic Business, AFSMI Professional Journal, AFSMI European Services Industry…….

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Santa Barbara Technology Group

pressimageSanta Barbara Technology Group, LLC is a private investment and consulting firm engaged primarily in working with, and acquiring equity from, early-stage technology companies. The firm has been an important connection for any high-tech start-up on the Central Coast – from Thousand Oaks to San Luis Obispo. They provide world-class management assistance, strategic guidance, and valuable connections…

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Board of Directors

Since 1968 Mr. Cagan has been a director of 49 companies. Of those, 18 have been venture capital backed, 9 have been public at one time, he has founded or co-founded 16, he has been CEO of 12 and chairman or presiding director of 23. He is currently on the boards of:

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