Shadow CEO and Consulting

In his Shadow CEO role, Dennis literally steps in side-by-side with a CEO and helps them navigate through whatever circumstances and situations they need to deal with on a day-to-day basis, that the CEO has never experienced before in their career. Most company leaders in their first, second or even third CEO role will encounter circumstances that they have not experienced before. Unless they have a very deep management team, and perhaps a highly qualified board of directors, they will not have someone they can immediately turn to for advice and counsel. This is the role that Dennis has pioneered – Shadow CEO.

In a somewhat less active capacity, Dennis may simply mentors and consult with company owners and senior executives. Frequently he serves this function with entrepreneurs and company leaders who are forming and running early-stage high technology companies.

When Dennis is involved in a mentoring or consulting relationship he will sometimes consider accepting a seat on the Board of Directors. In fact, often he will be asked to form the Board by recruiting additional preeminent directors from the business and technology communities who can add substantial value.

Dennis will usually guide the company in the formation of appropriate corporate infrastructure and the relationships necessary to launch and build a successful technology business. He assists in arranging for necessary facilities and physical/IT infrastructure, and is especially noted for his ability to help in recruiting additional needed high-quality executive team members.

Dennis will guide and assist the company with raising additional capital at the appropriate time, and from appropriate sources – venture capital firms, angel investors, strategic partners, etc.

SHADOW CEO® (1983-Present)

Since 1983 Dennis has consulted in Shadow CEO roles, sat on boards of directors, and taken on periodic interim CEO positions. Dennis continues to provide clients with management consulting and mentoring through Caganco Incorporated, in the form of his four signature roles: Shadow CEO®, Board Practice (formation and management of corporate boards of directors), Governance Forensics practice, and interim CEO situations. Since 1983 Caganco has helped at least 100 CEOs. Clients have ranged from $2B enterprises down to ‘back-of-the-napkin’ start-ups.

Outstanding Directors Award (2013)

Dennis Cagan was honored by the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) and the Dallas Business Journal as one of the inaugural class of 12 Outstanding Directors in North Texas.


IT Hall of Fame (2011)

Dennis Cagan was inducted into the IT Hall of Fame – Channel Section (administered by CompTIA). He was honored for being the Treasurer, and on the founding team of the CompTIA A+ Certification Program, one of the most successful trade licensing programs in the computer industry. To date, A+ has certified millions of personal computer technicians globally. The program is said to generate over $50M in annual royalties to CompTIA.