Services Offered

Mr. Cagan’s Primary Activities Include:

Dennis Cagan’s Core Characteristics Include:

Charismatic, decisive, motivating, creative, strategic, innovative, consensus building, and broadly experienced.

Proven ability to build and motivate strong management teams, grow or turn-around companies, and increase revenue and profit.

Exceptionally creative in crafting strategy, solutions and business development opportunities.

Well-traveled with a deep, broad knowledge of business practices. Able to quickly gather pertinent information, get to the heart of the matter, and implement a solution.

Decisive decision-making ability, tempered with a practical and down to earth perspective.

Experienced and practiced in a wide variety of business types, able to effectively transfer knowledge across business models and categories. Extensive experience in public and private company management, public, investor and customer relations, fostering an enabling and motivating work environment, repairing old or implementing new techniques and technologies, and business turnaround.

Willing to make fast, tough decisions. Oriented to building long-term enterprise value.

SHADOW CEO® (1983-Present)

Since 1983 Dennis has consulted in Shadow CEO roles, sat on boards of directors, and taken on periodic interim CEO positions. Dennis continues to provide clients with management consulting and mentoring through Caganco Incorporated, in the form of his four signature roles: Shadow CEO®, Board Practice (formation and management of corporate boards of directors), Governance Forensics practice, and interim CEO situations. Since 1983 Caganco has helped at least 100 CEOs. Clients have ranged from $2B enterprises down to ‘back-of-the-napkin’ start-ups.

Outstanding Directors Award (2013)

Dennis Cagan was honored by the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) and the Dallas Business Journal as one of the inaugural class of 12 Outstanding Directors in North Texas.


IT Hall of Fame (2011)

Dennis Cagan was inducted into the IT Hall of Fame – Channel Section (administered by CompTIA). He was honored for being the Treasurer, and on the founding team of the CompTIA A+ Certification Program, one of the most successful trade licensing programs in the computer industry. To date, A+ has certified millions of personal computer technicians globally. The program is said to generate over $50M in annual royalties to CompTIA.