Expert Witness on Corporate Governance

Expert Witness on Corporate Governance

An expert witness is a person with specialized knowledge, skills, education, or experience in a particular field who is called upon to provide their expertise in legal proceedings to assist the court with understanding complex technical or scientific issues.

A consulting expert is retained by or consults to a party in anticipation of litigation or trial, but who will not testify at trial. A testifying expert, on the other hand, may be used at trial to present evidence.

Mr. Cagan is qualified and has served as both a testifying expert and a consulting expert. His process includes a thorough evaluation of a Company’s governance history and its current status, and then providing testimony contrasting that information with the premise of the litigation.

Areas of examination include:

  • Client’s corporate governance best practices, specifically as they apply to privately owned enterprises.
  • Client’s corporate structure, applicable regulatory compliance, and best practices as they apply to:
  • Form of entity incorporation
  • Board of Directors structure, fiduciary duty of care, oversight of Client affairs, best practices for approvals and reviews, and governance documentation.
  • Board members, including board composition, individual qualification, diversity, committees, meetings, processes, procedures, and recommended board search matrix.
  • Board oversight of strategy, succession, talent, diversity, risk, finance, and business model disruption.
  • Contrast the above to stated Client strategy, goals, and performance.
  • Report on conclusions in accord with Company requested standards and format.
  • Research, investigation, and conclusions will be based on examination of all relevant Client documents, and individual interviews with Client board members and senior client management.
  • Any other research, opinions, reports, memorandums, or conversations as requested by the Company or its Client.


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