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Dennis is a native Californian, and attended the University of California at Los Angeles where he majored in Economics. He left UCLA in his third year, impatient to begin a career.

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NEW ARTICLE: Private company profiles: One size does not fit all.

Private companies – this is such a broad category! When looking at their origin, their growth process, and their hoped-for ‘end-game’, there are actually many varieties just like flowers. There are many different looks, different sizes, different shapes, and certainly different smells……

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Board of Directors

Since 1968 Mr. Cagan has been a director of 49 companies. Of those, 18 have been venture capital backed, 9 have been public at one time, he has founded or co-founded 16, he has been CEO of 12 and chairman or presiding director of 23. He is currently on the boards of:

Boards of Directors – previous and current

GBC Associates cf ceo cob
Incorporated Management Systems cf ceo cob
Inner Garden cf
SOROC Technologies cf
David Jamison Carlyle Corporation * (NASDAQ: DJCC, then acquired by public British firm) f p ceo
CaganCo Incorporated f ceo cob
Ducommun Data Systems (sold to public company) f
Design 1 Interiors
Century Computer Marketing (sold to public company)
Data Enterprise Services (merged into CCM above)
Carlyle Contract Services f ceo
National Electronics Corporation
Perini Software Corporation f ceo
Insight Development
Great Bear Technologies (NASDAQ: GTBR) p
Wavefront Technologies (NASDAQ, later acquired by Silicon Graphics) vc p
Meridian Software vc
Tidemark vc
StarPress (NASDAQ: GZON) vc p
Intervista Software (acquired by Platinum Software-Computer Associates International: CA) vc, Inc. (NASDAQ, merged with, now OpenWave: OPWV) p
Acorn Technologies, Inc. cf cob
Human Race, ceo
ISOCOR (acquired by Critical Path: CPTH) vc p
Message Media, Inc. (acquired by DoubleClick: DCLK) vc p ceo
Sanctuary Woods Multimedia Corp. (x-SWMC) vc p
Supply Solution, Inc. (merged with TradeBeam) cf vc
Commission Junction, Inc. (acquired by ValueClick: VLCK) vc
Santa Barbara Technology Group, LLC.  www.sbtechnology.comf ceo cob
Virtual Bandwidth, Inc. cf vc cob
Unified Dispatch, Inc. vc cob
Cooperating Systems, Inc./Epidemic Networks, Inc. cf vc cob
New Entrepreneur Venture Fund f vc cob
InTouch Technologies. cf vc
Bargain Network, Inc. (acquired by Vertrue: VTRU) pd
TouchCommerce, Inc. (formerly InQ, Inc.) vc cob
Blue Casa Communications vc
SmartReceipt, Inc. (formerly Nutricate Corporation) pd
SaluDent International cob
TrustOn cob
TWL Corp. (TWLO.OB) p ceo cod
Noza, LLC vc cob
SureBooks, LLC ceo pd
Virtech Paralegal cob
Merchant National cob
NL Systems, LLC (dba Encryptics) ceo cob
Copper Mobile, Inc. cob
Cosiin cob

*f Founded by Mr. Cagan (7)
*cf Co-founded by Mr. Cagan (9)
*vc Venture Capital Backed Company (18)
*p Public Company at One Time (9)
*ceo Mr. Cagan was CEO (12)
*cob Mr. Cagan was/is Chairman of the Board (20)
*pd Mr. Cagan was presiding director (3)