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Dennis is a native Californian and attended the University of California at Los Angeles where he majored in Economics. He left UCLA in his third year, impatient to begin a career he first enlisted in the USMC to satisfy his country’s service requirement.

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The Board of Directors for a Private Enterprise, by Dennis J. Cagan.

A comprehensive inside look at creating and managing the boards of private companies of all types. What every entrepreneur, private company owner and CEO should know about boards. 

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Board of Directors

Dennis Cagan was honored as an Outstanding Director for 2013 by the Dallas Business Journal and NACD.

Since 1968 Mr. Cagan has been a director of 65 companies. Of those, 18 have been venture capital-backed, and 10 have been public at one time. He has founded or co-founded 16, he has been CEO of 12 and chairman or presiding director of over half. He is currently on the boards of:

Boards of Directors – previous and current

GBC Associates
Incorporated Management Systems
Inner Garden
SOROC Technologies
David Jamison Carlyle Corporation * (NASDAQ: DJCC, then acquired by public British firm)
Caganco Incorporated
Ducommun Data Systems (sold to a public company)
Design 1 Interiors
Century Computer Marketing (sold to a public company)
Data Enterprise Services (merged into CCM above)
Carlyle Contract Services
National Electronics Corporation
Perini Software Corporation
Insight Development
HealthSoft, Inc.
Great Bear Technologies (NASDAQ: GTBR)
Wavefront Technologies (NASDAQ, later acquired by Silicon Graphics)
Meridian Software
StarPress (NASDAQ: GZON)
Intervista Software (acquired by Platinum Software-Computer Associates International: CA), Inc. (NASDAQ, merged with, now OpenWave: OPWV)
Acorn Technologies, Inc.
Human Race, Inc.
ISOCOR (acquired by Critical Path: CPTH)
Message Media, Inc. (acquired by DoubleClick: DCLK)
Sanctuary Woods Multimedia Corp. (x-SWMC)
Supply Solution, Inc. (merged with TradeBeam)
Commission Junction, Inc. (acquired by ValueClick: VLCK)
Santa Barbara Technology Group, LLC.
Virtual Bandwidth, Inc.
Unified Dispatch, Inc.
Cooperating Systems, Inc./Epidemic Networks, Inc.
New Entrepreneur Venture Fund
InTouch Technologies.
Bargain Network, Inc. (acquired by Vertrue: VTRU)
TouchCommerce, Inc. (formerly InQ, Inc.)
Blue Casa Communications
SmartReceipt, Inc. (formerly Nutricate Corporation)
SaluDent International
Noza, LLC
SureBooks, LLC
Virtech Paralegal
Merchant National
NL Systems, LLC (dba Encryptics)
Copper Mobile, Inc.
Tavros Technology
Virimar Holdings
Heart Stories.
Prista Corporation
Pratter, Inc.
Precision Location Intelligence, Inc. dba QA Locate
PonyUp Technologies, Inc.
OneYum, Inc.
TCCR, Inc.
nDivision, Inc.
Verimos, Inc.
Boreas Technologies, Inc.
GasItUp, Inc.
ThinkX, Inc.
Howzbout, Inc.
phyWireless LLC
GovernX LLC